Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First day of pureed foods

So today was my first day of pureed foods.  It was so wonderful to have something almost real to eat!  I had egg beaters for breakfast and pureed lentil soup for dinner.  It was wonderful!  I can't wait to try some pureed chicken tomorrow.  I'm trying not to try everything pureed all at once to give my stomach a chance to adjust.

I ate eggs, protein drink, tomato soup, lentil soup and a sugar free pudding cup.  All told I had 830 calories.  I thought it would be easier to get up to at least 1000 calories once I started eating pureed food.  Did anyone else have trouble getting enough calories in at the pureed point?  I am increasing my walking every day and want to make sure I'm getting enough nutrients so my body doesn't go into starvation mode and hold onto all my lovely fat cells.  I'm getting more than the 60 grams of protein a day thanks to the protein drinks and the powder I add to my soup.

When eating the right foods do any of you struggle to get the correct amount of calories?  I'm told that once I am on solid foods they want me on 1200-1500 calories a day.


  1. We already talked about this... When I make all the right choices, I have trouble getting more than 1000 calories. I usually don't make all good choices, so it's hardly ever a problem but definitely it was in the newbie stage and following my doctor's diet to the letter. You will find out what works best for you along the way. *M*

  2. When I was on pureed stage and even when I do liquids I didn't really worry about the low calorie level. Quality over quantity. Mak sure you are getting your vitamins in as well. ANother pureed meal a lot of us liked was ff refried beans thinned with a little chicken broth or even just water a little cheddar cheese and a little sour cream. (light) It felt like quite a treat for me and it was great with protein!