Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bandiversary came and went....

Warning, depressive rant to follow.  

My one year bandiversary was on Saturday 10/6.  Considering that I was feeling crappy about myself and my lack of weight loss, I didn't feel the need to mark it at the time.  I'm still feeling that way, but also feel obliged to mark the day.  I have often regretted getting the surgery, and today is no different.  I still feel like I am on my own.  I know I need a fill, and maybe that will help.  Unfortunately I am still in a price battle with my surgeon's office.  It doesn't matter, because even with a fill I have to follow the rules and eat the right things, and that doesn't seem to be happening these days.  I went crazy after Chicago, don't ask me why.  I was exhausted, so I haven't exercised at all since I got home.  Even though I had lost .06 lb on the trip, I am sure I have gained that back and probably an additional 10 lbs since then, but I don't know for sure since I am afraid of the scale at the moment.  I keep gaining and losing the same 15-20 lbs every few weeks, which cannot be even remotely healthy.  I guess today is a new day.  I'll try to blog about my wonderful Chicago trip soon.

End of depressive rant.