Saturday, October 22, 2011

A dilemma and a NSV!

So today I was over in Jersey visiting my step daughter with my boyfriend.  I had brought a protein drink to have during our travels, thinking I would be good.  Well after we had gone Halloween costume shopping everyone was hungry.  They both wanted a sit down dinner, and I was slightly panicked!  I haven't eaten out since my surgery, and I'm on pureed, so what to do???  Could I really just there and watch them eat and sip on water until they were done?  I didn't really think this was the best solution.

My boyfriend came up with the idea of a diner.  He figured there would be something liquid like I could eat.  I figured diners usually have tomato soup, so off we went. 

We got to the diner, and being an older diner of course it only had boothes.  I haven't been able to fit into a booth in quite some time.  I figured I lost a decent amount of weight, let me give this a try.  Well low and behold I fit!  It was snug, don't get me wrong, but I fit into a booth!  It was wonderful.

No tomato soup on the menu, so I had some plain mashed potatoes.  Crisis averted, and a discovery made!


  1. Oh Beth ...I'm so happy for you......

  2. Fantastic! When I was on Liquids, Bob Evans pureed the soup for me so there were no bis chunks. You will learn as time goes by to ask for what you want, not just accept what they have... You watched me order in restaurants, it's like a senior citizen hit the McDonalds... They always get it they're way, burger King or not. My George tells me, the servers like when people give them detailed instructions and allow them to earn their tip. But as you know he's GaGa over me so he tends to tell me what I wanna hear... I can't wait to slide into a booth with you. XOXO