Sunday, September 23, 2012

Random Ramblings

  • Weekends are horrible for staying on track!  I swore I would be "good" this weekend, but a fried ravioli, homemade gelato and chicken and dumpling stew later, it didn't turn out so good.
  • I already packed a beautiful salad for lunch tomorrow.  Tomorrow is another day!
  • Been trying to figure out what to pack for Chicago, I think I'm mostly good.  Went shopping on Friday, but didn't find what I was looking for.  Oh well, I'll make do.
  • I really think I want to do the boat tour on Friday morning in Chicago.  I hope others will join me!  Hint, hint!
  • I can't figure out what else I want to do in Chicago, but I know it will be fun!  I also need to figure out what drink I'm going to make for the room crawl.  Any ideas out there would be greatly appreciated!  Delicious but simple is what I'm looking for!
  • My week is jam packed with work and working out.  I hope the week goes fast, I can't wait to get to Chicago and meet the ladies!
  • I have come to realize that in my comments to others and in my own posts I overuse the exclamation point!  I don't see me stopping anytime soon, but at least I am aware of it!!!!
  • My Eagles lost today, badly.  I'm trying to not let this get me down.
  • We never get to see my step-daughter on Halloween because she trick-or-treats in her own neighborhood.  She wants to have a costume party at our house with family.  This should be interesting!  
  • My fantasy football team is about to go 3-0.  Only me and one other guy is undefeated.  I love beating the guys in fantasy football!
  • Need to finish up some stuff before bed.  Have a great week everyone!!!! <-----note over excited exclamation!


  1. Please don't stress about what to wear in Chicago. We're there to have and rest assured there will be people more dressed up than you and less dressed up than you, but no one cares. Can't wait to meet you later this week.

  2. weekends are hard for me too....not as structured as during the week. Sofie and andrea and I are all planning on doing the boat thing too....Sofie was saying we should do it Saturday because Friday looked like rain. Lets all go together!

    1. Awesome! Do you think we could go early enough to be back for the 1 pm art walk?

  3. I over use "!!'s" and "...'s" I just can't seem to help myself. So jealous of everyone getting to go to Chicago!

  4. I know you will have a great time in Chicago and the girls are gonna love you. As for our Eagles... BOOOO! Bad Show, but they will do better next Week. I miss you Chica! See you soon. XOXO *M*

  5. Hey, I just got your comment and you need to send me your email....Bath! LOL So I can respond back. You just crack me up. I don't know why I thought that. My mind sucks. I still heart ya girl! Thanks for a fun weekend! (laurawiksten @ hotmail . com)