Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Weigh In Sunday 1/15/12

3/31/11 Starting Weight 378
10/6/11 Surgery Weight 313
1/7/12 Last Weight 275.4
1/15/12 Current Weight 274.2

Can't believe I'm down a pound, as again I struggled this week.  I got in some exercise, but the volume of food I can and want to eat is out of control.  I definitely need the fill I'm getting tomorrow!  Life has been a bit overwhelming lately, work is stressful, my boyfriend is sick as a dog, and I feel not enough time in the day to exercise and make healthy food.

Anyway, I had set myself a goal of being at 267 for my birthday 2/2.  I am still going to strive for it, but it looks to be in jeopardy at the moment.  Maybe after my fill I'll be able to achieve my goal.  Okay, I'll stop whining for now!  Have a great day everyone!


  1. Well done on the loss, no matter how small it may be :)

  2. I'm sure the birthday goal will happen... even if not, I bet you'll have hit the 260's! :)

  3. You have had a good week and while your birthday goal is achievable don't let it rule you, you are continually getting good results and if not by 2/2 than you will get to this goal very soon after!

  4. Hi! Just found your blog and you are doing beautifully! You've already made such great progress! I look forward to following your journey to goal because I know you can do it!

  5. The fill will definitely help for sure. i hope to see yu this week. I hope P feels better soon. XOXO. *M*